Municipal Solid Waste Solutions

Green Incinerator
With the increase in population, the generation of Municipal solid waste (MSW) is also increasing. Most of the waste currently is directly sent to dedicated landfill sites. The landfilling of wastes has several disadvantages which include wastage of space, harmful effects on the environment and unhygienic conditions for the colonies near the landfill site. Owing to these problems, there is a need for a proper waste management plan which will be able to deal with the legacy waste as well as keep up with the waste generation in the future. At the same time the equipment should not be consuming large amount of energy nor polluting and have positive impact on the environment.

Bio-Medical Waste Solutions

A growing problem with the onset and spread of the Covid 19 Pandemic is the huge amount of bio-waste that is created. From PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) like gloves, masks, to aprons, a large amount of bio hazard waste is generated in the country. There are complaints of diseases spreading due to incomplete burning of such waste though conventional incineration technologies. Crimson offers two solutions to this problem:

One is a MOBILE DIESEL OPERATED BIO MEDICAL WASTE PLANT which creates very high temperatures to completely manage the bio hazard waste. The Second is Plasma Pyrolysis Plants.

Crimson is collaborating with the DAE organizations to bring about compact, economic and mobile Plasma Pyrolysis solutions in the country to address this problem. Customized solutions including Containerized plants can be provided for hospitals, Health care centre’s and communities with indigenous as well as best technologies across the globe.