Hydrogel is a product made of special chemicals binded together by a special process. The powder has exceptional hydrophilic properties. The water retention capacity of Hydrogel is a real boon for its applications in Afforestation projects and in Agriculture. The water absorbing Hydrogel globules ensure retention of water for growth of plants and trees in dry and arid areas.

Typical hydrogels are manufactured by chemical processes alone. A special technology involving Irradiation brings better binding and improves the quality of the product in a cost effective manner. Crimson Energy is collaborating with the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre to bring to commercially market the Advanced Hydrogel which is currently not available in the Indian/ Asian Market. This Hydrogel will be very useful for the large Afforestation projects in India and abroad in addition to being a product supporting Agriculture which is the main stay of our country. Contact us for related business.

Irradiation of Produce & Food Items

Tons of food and Agricultural products are wasted due to their decay every day. Irradiation of food and medical products kills the bacteria and microbes causing this decay. Irradiation can increase the shelf life without affecting the nutritional qualities of food. This process is certified by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) and the World Trade Organization promotes it for export to over 45 countries. The fourth tranche of the financial support provided by the Government of India under ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ gave special impetus to Irradiation plants . They are an apt solution to save our valuable agricultural products and sterilize Medical products. Whether it is Potatoes or Tomatoes or Fruits or meat and meat products, Irradiation plants are an excellent solution to better and increase shelf life and safety.

Crimson Energy can be your partner to undertake comprehensive works to Design, Install, Commission and Operate these plants. Irradiation Plants coupled along with Food processing facilities where Fruits and vegetables are packed retaining their freshness even with extended storage life, will give excellent value addition. Crimson Energy is fully ready to partner with both Government as well as private entities to undertake these projects bringing in decades of their Nuclear Technology experience as well their knowledge to meet all the regulatory clearances and necessary licenses. With only 16 plants operating across the country and 8 more in construction , there is huge scope for Irradiation plants considering the vast quantity of our Agricultural, Horticultural and Medical produce.