Medical Units (Oncology & Mobile Solutions)

Crimson can offer Mobile Medical Units for addressing any public healthcare issue. From Dialysis to Cancer Care, Crimson can develop and deploy customized state-of-the-art Mobile Medical vans. Our sister concern Crescendo Corporation has undertaken over 15 projects successfully across Tele Psychiatry, Cardiac care, Cancer Care, Ophthalmology and General Medicine. Crimson also offers Mobile Medical Boats which are custom designed to offer services to island regions.

Crimson is partnering with lead agencies across the globe to setup Day Care Cancer centers collaborating with new and existing hospitals to percolate Oncology centers in the country. They will be set up in a partnership mode with the hospitals and operated by the best-in-class physicians, nurses and technicians bringing in global quality medical care.

Irradiation Plants for Medical Sterlization

Crimson has the complete technology and capability to set up standalone Irradiation plants which are very useful to sterilize Medical Products in addition to Agricultural products. These are most useful to completely kill the bacteria and microbes which are causing hospital borne diseases which are increasingly a reason for diseases and death. A case in point is the usage of linen and other hospital material which needs to be sterilized after every usage.