There is constant need for environmental information update across various locations within the country and outside. This data is most essential for policy decisions and ensuring compliance with environmental norms. Crimson Energy is currently undertaking survey across 20 states and 4 Union Territories of the country for a project of the Government of India . This is involving a massive 2000 volunteers many of whom are the Veterans of the country. Crimson has the reach to undertake large surveys across the country’s length and breadth for various attributes be it pollution, solar radiation, water , soil, rainfall etc. Crimson is able to advise and improvise the best solutions in terms of application of technologies for these surveys, like the IOT (Internet of Things) sensors to automatically provide live updates through mobile and computer-based applications and can setup future-looking infrastructure across the country for this purpose. We can also provide mobile solutions with sensors deployed on vehicles which can move around from site to site automatically updating the parameters. In addition, special sites can be surveyed for various data pertaining to them for decision making on setting up facilities.

Surveys include sampling of...

Water Sampling
Soil Sampling
Radiation Sampling