Origin Statement

Nuclear, marine, and underwater technology fields are niche areas, with professional knowledge and expertise largely residing only in the government domain.

But such niche technology projects could go on for decades, although the personnel and experts attached to the projects might retire before the project culminates, causing the project as well as the project owner potential losses.

Crimson Energy Experts Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, incorporated in 2012, by a team of ex-Navy officers having a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise in marine, mechanical, electrical and nuclear technology. The company’s vision is to undertake technology-oriented projects involving qualified, skilled, dedicated, and highly motivated manpower in the areas of consultancy, documentation, operation & maintenance, and manpower services of nuclear facilities and various other strategic government projects.

Crimson Energy was set up as an umbrella organization for providing specialist -engineering technical services utilizing the best experience and expertise in India for technologically intensive requirements in the fields of nuclear, marine and defence sectors.

Advantage Crimson

Crimson Energy is adept at undertaking all techno–commercial aspects of a project regardless of its complexity. Some of the benefits of tying up with Crimson Energy include the following:

  • Has a pool of highly-skilled, senior, and reputed ex-government employees from the above niche fields.
  • Is capable of putting together, specialized teams in developing equipment for nuclear and defence in the shortest time
  • Can put together a team in the customers’ premises to ensure confidentiality
  • Maintains constant communication, leading to continuous feedback
  • Ensure comprehensive service support.
  • Meets deliverables in compliance with the highest global and defence standards
  • Undertakes and completes work as first-party (not third-party).

What’s more, because of its expertise and knowledge-base in designing, developing, and manufacturing in niche fields in the country, Crimson Energy Pvt. Ltd. is the one-stop solution for the Make in India and offset projects.