Crimson Energy is passionate and focused about applications involving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, because we firmly believe that excellent value can be created across the spheres using these technologies. Utilizing these technologies is no more a choice, but a necessity, as they will drive the near future. The problem about developing good applications involving AI/ML is the non-availability of Domain Experts as well as the AI/ML software specialists to work in tandem. We particularly solved this issue and started developing solutions using AI/ML over two years ago with both these teams under one roof and today we are confidently progressing refinement of our platforms created for Maritime Surveillance. Our AI based Platform can utilize the vast live data available across the world including satellite data to give you the best value for Maritime surveillance in your areas of interest in the oceans. Our Trade marked Maritime surveillance platform “DEEP DARSHAK™” is being readied for launch soon. With over 60 years of cumulative domain expertise and with excellent experience of pioneering such maritime systems in the Navy we are apt at creating customized solutions for the global market.

Our strength lies in the co-existence of best-in-class domain expertise along with excellent AI/ML specialists. Our future projects involve addition to our current teams to address special projects for our customers. Be it development of a customized solution involving AI/ML, or to have a team work at the customer premise to support their AI/ML projects, Crimson is your apt partner for undertaking these projects. Though we are incubating special projects to work in the Defense arena involving satellite imagery, our team can be enhanced to address specific projects in health care or any other domain of customer’s choice.