The quality of any Maintenance/Repair activity depends on the technical experience and ability of the personnel as well as the quality of the spares, tools and components used. With decades of experience working in the constrained spaces of the naval vessels and with years spent on maintenance of systems on strategic platforms, our technical maintenance and repair team is fully capable to deliver.

Our excellent network to procure the necessary spares even from abroad and also to tie up with foreign OEMS for undertaking these activities on their behalf is an added advantage to choose us.

OEMs who have supplied large systems for the Indian Armed Forces and other Government organizations are most welcome to consider us as their team-on- ground, near customer premises to provide 24×7 support to the Armed Forces to keep their equipment and systems always operational. A competent and dedicated team of veteran-technical personnel will be created specially for the purpose and will be trained by the OEM to ensure quality delivery of these services which we will do their behalf.

The model is that while training, Technical support and spares will be provided by the foreign OEM, the activities for the customers in India will be undertaken by our special team on behalf of the OEM. This will ensure 100% customer delight when their systems are always kept in an operational state with no failures. Economically too this is more viable, since the cost of transportation and travel of specialists, their visa requirements etc. is avoided each time as also positioning foreign experts in India. This avoids considerable delays in attending to maintenance and repair issues leading to good customer satisfaction.