Some of our prestigious projects.

  • Production of Hydrogel powder for agricultural use.
  • Round the clock operation & maintenance of strategic facilities in Defence & Nuclear Sectors.
  • Provision of technical manpower for Design establishment in the areas of QA/QS, Control & Instrumentation, Project Management services and technical documentation.
  • Structural & Seismic analysis of multi terrain shelter.
  • Generation of technical documentation for steam generating plant, steam turbine plant, control systems & safety manuals for strategic underwater platforms.
  • Generation of commissioning procedures for nuclear power plant.
  • Green Incinerator prototype for destruction of MSW.

and other strategic projects...

  • HVAC analysis of special structures for strategic use.
  • Creation of IETM level 5 digital documentation.
  • Pan India environmental survey in 20 states & 5 union territories across India.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning based Maritime Surveillance system.

and other strategic projects...

Hydrogel production

Structural & Seismic Analysis

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Operation & Maintenance

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Technical Documentation

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Commissioning Procedures

Green Incinerator

HVAC Analysis

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IETM documentation ICESTORM™